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Ian Somerhalder.
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No :’(

It’s the 25th today, another year passes and I’m still not over it. It seems like yesterday when the news if your passing swarmed all the TV Channels and News Stations I was only five and I will never forget it.

You were and still are my BIGGEST Inspiration. You don’t understand how influencial you are to millions of young girls today. You seemed so down to earth, cool, reserved. The way you carried yourself, your style choices, your music, your commitment, your character, your class, your moves ..not to forget that sultry voice of yours that melted like butter on those bumpin beats, you absolutely slayed with those melodies baby girl. Man, we miss you but are at peace as we know your beautiful soul is at peace. So we must be happy and no longer mourn, but be grateful that we were able to be given an artist who changed it all.

Aaliyah, it’s 3:37, and I’m just going to play some old school baby girl, sound good?

We love and miss you. Thank you for inspiring as all.

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"Honey, I’m Home!" - Selina Kyle

Batman Returns


Waiting To Exhale (1995)
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Angela Bassett, photographed by Michel Conte for Vogue Italia August 1993 [x]

me n the booty
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me n the booty

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featuring pineapple